Have you ever waited for anything to happen? Been at the bus station waiting for a bus? Waiting patiently for a gift promised by dad or mum? Are you presently waiting for a dream or desire of yours to happen? I certainly know what it feels like. I am currently waiting for various outcomes in my life. Only you can tell the frustrations in waiting.

The one thing usually overlooked is that certain things take time to happen. Our fast-paced, mega speed broadband, click-and-open world make it more and more difficult to wait for things to happen.

No matter what it is, it takes time to happen. It takes seconds to connect telephone calls. It takes 70 to 90 days for a seed of pepper to germinate and produce pepper, it takes 9 months from conception to the birth of a baby. It takes 60 minutes to fly from London to Paris. The new Wembley Stadium was built in 3 years.

You know what? Your dreams will happen in time. The good news is that you can decide how long it takes to achieve many things around you. The largest single auditorium in the world; seating more than 50,000 was built in 12 months. Wow!! It means I can control how long it takes to make things happen around me.

What is important is not to concentrate on how long it takes to achieve your dreams. Just concentrate in the process of getting to your dreams. The process is more important than the time it takes. How many times do you realise that the first time you engage in some tasks, it takes a long time to complete, but as you settle into the process, it starts to takes a lot less time to complete. Why? Familiarity!!

The more you concentrate on the lessons learnt in the process of achieving any goal, you arm yourself with enough tools, skills, experience and education to shorten the time for the next goal(s). In this way, you increase pace and pull your dreams closer to you quicker than ever.

A good word from the best book ever (bible) – Is not this the God who armed me, then aimed me in the right direction? Now I run like a deer; I’m king of the mountain. Great!!!

All the best folks and God-speed.

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