I have come to realise that everyone has goals. We all set goals unconsciously without knowing. For instance, someone will say I’ll catch the bus today, I’ll see my buddy on Friday, I’ll write that letter, etc. The difference really is the outcomes, size, and extent of impact amongst other factors.

Visiting a friend or catching the bus may present some benefits and gratification, but may not provide enough effect to change you or the way you live. If you truly want to become successful, you need to set the right goals in those areas of your life which are critical to your well being – personal development, career, family, relationships, finances, spirituality, etc. You must also have the right attitude and mindset to achieve them.

There are several ways to do this and you may be surprised that you had everything you needed all along.

  • Create a mental image of the goal(s)

The goal starts from within. Without visualising your goals, you’ll most likely not know when you get there. You need to have full desire and passion over the things that you want to achieve. This way, you will constantly store the thoughts and ideas in your mind that will lead to success. If your desire is weak, the results and the paths to success will also be weak or delayed. The primary step is to create dreams. It’s always a great idea to take a pen and paper and list down the items that you want to do.

Visualize yourself being successful in your objectives. The attitude of the mind is highly important to subconsciously control your actions towards the achievement of your set goals. It will also help to keep pictures of things that will help you visualize. Try the internet and look for the right images that will put you on the right track. Let me know if you have difficulty in visualizing.

  • Creating Your List

Next, you need to create a list to achieve your goals. I once heard that the saying that the bluntest pencil is sharper than the smartest brain. What you write down will normally outlive what you commit to memory. I still have notes of dreams and ideas I wrote down almost a decade ago. Some of the points; I laugh at today, but a great deal have happened today even to greater extents than I could dream of then.

It is important that you create the action steps that will ultimately lead to your main goal. For example, if your goal is to get rich, you have to set steps such as saving money, investing, working extra hours, building connections, etc.

It is always recommended to make your list more specifically, such as writing down “To earn £500,000”, instead of just “Being rich.” You should also be specific about the action steps. You can write down “Save 10 dollars everyday”, instead of just “Save more”. You should also create a time line wherein you can finish tasks right on schedule. You will avoid the hindrances if you push yourself more by setting deadlines.

  • Think of Benefits or Consequences

Aside from writing down the list of your goals and action steps, you will also want to include the advantages and consequences once you reach them. This is what I call stating the ‘Why’ for the goals. For example, you can put “Buy a new Ferrari”, “Start my own manufacturing business”, “Get to the peak of mount Kilimanjaro”, etc. These specific advantages will motivate you more. You can also include the consequences should you fail or delay by writing down things like “Lose my house”, “Disappoint my wife”, etc.

  • The Right Attitude

You need to have the right attitude that will help you stick to your goals. I remember a statement from Bishop David Oyedepo: ‘Your attitude will determine your altitude’. So if you want to be a high-flyer, you must consider your attitude. The most important are consistency, patience and discipline. Consistency describes the work you put in to achieve the results you’ve always desired. Patience talks about waiting for the right opportunity and persevering despite some disappointments. Discipline means giving up some immediate gratifications so you can get bigger and long lasting benefits in the end.

You can practice the right attitude by talking to (or reading resources from) very successful people and finding a partner who can motivate you during times of trouble.

These steps are not meant to be done once and forgotten. Not like writing GCSE’s once and that’s it. It is important that you check your list every now and then and make the necessary adjustments over time. Changes may occur but you have to stay with the goal, even if the plan is flexible and altered.

Be a ‘DOER’ today!!!!!!!!

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