I got a notification from WikiHow this morning about a change made to an article I wrote about 2 years back . I read the original version and I got inspired. Thought it would be great to have it here as well. Enjoy it!!!

Do you want to maintain momentum and consistently deliver stunning results in your personal life, job, business, relationship and endeavours? This article will discuss steps to make that happen.

# It all starts with your thought-process. If you want to become a high-flyer, you will need to start thinking like one. Mediocre thoughts lead to mediocre results. As Solomon said: ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so he is’. This is so true. If you want to stop producing poor results, you have to stop thinking poor thoughts. Simple, isn’t it?
# The next step after you’ve taken care of your thoughts is to set goals. Without goal posts, footballers will weary themselves out running around the pitch without a clear picture of who will win the game. How will they know who and when one scores a goal? Hmmm? It won’t even be fun to watch. Remember – ‘if you can see it, you can reach it. What do you want to have achieved in the next 1, 3, 5 or ten years. Start setting goals. Where do you want to get to in life? what sort of life style do you want to lead. It is your world; so set your goals. You know what? Set BIG goals! Do not hold back. Don’t forget, with proper goal posts, people can sit and watch a great game. Life will be more fun if we set smart goals.
# Move on from mere wishing to actually making your goals happen. Do you need to go to college to achieve your dreams? Then pick yourself up and do it. Do you need to sign up to an apprenticeship program? Go on and do it. Do you need to practice, wake up early and practice. It’s OK to wish, but don’t just stop there; if you don’t do anything about your goals, they will not happen. Find out all you can about your goal and how to achieve it, then go ahead and DO them.
# Never quit. Do not give up. No matter how hard it gets or how uncertain the journey gets, do not stop trying. We all have heard of people who prevailed against difficult situations to achieve their dreams. You can also do same.

That’s it then. Let’s do it. To your success!!!!

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